Arrival by car

Road routes

Guests coming to Jadranovo from European countries can use the following road routes: Trieste-Rijeka-Crikvenica (Jadranovo) and Zagreb-Karlovac-Delnice-Crikvenica (Jadranovo). Jadranovo is located next to the Adriatic Highway and is 35 km away from Rijeka, and only 9 km from Crikvenica. The place itself can be entered via two road branches from the Adriatic Highway.

Information and rules in road traffic

To drive a car, foreign nationals need a valid driver’s license and a certificate of valid vehicle insurance. In Croatia, you drive on the right side, and the speed limits are 130 km / h on motorways and semi-motorways, 50 km / h in populated areas and 80 km / h outside populated areas. The speed limit for cars with a trailer is 80km / h. The permissible limit of blood alcohol is 0.5 ppm.

The Croatian Auto Club (HAK) is in charge of roadside assistance, whose on-call service is available 24 hours a day on 987. Information on tolls and tolls as well as all other information on the condition of roads, fuel prices and road traffic in Croatia is available at address or via info phone +385 (1) 464 08 00.

Car rental agencies and taxi service

Rijeka taxi service is open 24 hours a day and is located at Žabica 1.

Information can be obtained by calling +385 (51) 335 138 (417). In Rijeka, as well as in all other Croatian cities, there are branches of international rent-a-car agencies, and you can find a list of them and their addresses and telephone numbers at the address of the rent-a-car agency.

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